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Military Family Support

Understanding for those who live a life of service

Military family support therapy & counselling might be helpful if you...

  • Find yourself struggling to balance your personal life with your job as a first responder.
  • Feel like you're having a difficult time connecting and feeling understood by those closest to you; no one understands the work you do and how difficult it can be.
  • Want to work on supporting a partner who is in the military while also taking care of your own needs and/or those of your family.

The challenges faced by first responders and their families are unique. I understand many of these challenges because my partner is a first responder. Read on to see if my first responder and family support therapy & counselling services might help you.

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You remember why you got into this line of work. You wanted to help people. But after all this time being a first responder, it feels like it's starting to wear you down.

Maybe it's the shift work. Missing out on events and time with friends and family feels like too much of a sacrifice.


Maybe you feel distant from your loved ones. You feel like you've seen too much and they don't understand. You can't talk to them about your work, at least not the way other people do. It's lonely. You feel disconnected and it's causing problems.

Maybe something really bad happened on the job, and you don't know how, or if, you can keep doing it.


Or maybe the first responder is your partner. The work they do is important, but it can feel like it's more important than you or your family. Or it can feel like their work has gotten in the way of your relationship. You want to be supportive, but you also need things to change. 

Being a first responder comes with a lot of stress and responsibility. Sometimes that stress can cause problems, for both you and your family. 
I can help you or your loved one find new ways to support each other.
We can work together to find healthy ways to manage the stress of your work. If you're a partner to a first responder, we can work on developing new strategies to support you, your partner, and your family as a whole.
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