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Pet Loss

Help with understanding the unique pain of losing an animal companion

Losing a pet can be just as hard as losing any other loved one.  Pets are often sources of unconditional love and the relationships we have with them are usually far less complicated than the ones we have with people. Losing a relationship like that can sometimes surprise us with how painful and difficult it is to manage.
Another complication with losing a pet is that we are often asked to actively intervene by making the decision to euthanize them or "put them down." Since we cannot ask them or know for sure how our pets are feeling, the responsibility for these end-of-life decisions rests solely on us. This can sometimes complicate our grief over their loss. 
I can help support you through your pet's last days and after their death by:
  • Listening and helping you talk through medical and other care decisions
  • Providing respite and companionship for your pet if you do not want to leave them alone so you can tend to other things
  • Helping you process your loss and acknowledge your feelings
  • Helping you create a memento or ritual to remember and honor your pet
Let me help support you before and after the loss of your animal companion. Book a call with me so we can see how I can best help you during this difficult time.
Image by Japheth Mast
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