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Aging & End-of-Life Therapy

Helping you live everyday with purpose 

Aging and end-of-life support therapy & counselling might be helpful if you...

  • Find yourself struggling with changes to your physical abilities or lifestyle due to aging. 

  • Feel like you're having a difficult time finding or engaging in meaningful activities.

  • Want to work on your relationships to find resolution and peace. 

  • Tried seeking support from loved ones but feel like they don't understand your needs.

Everyone faces different challenges as they age. Read on to see if my aging and end-0f-life therapy & counselling services might help you.

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You wake up in the morning and sigh. It never used to be like this. You would wake up and know what you were going to do and who you were going to see. Over the last few years it seems like there is less to do and even fewer people to talk to. Parts of your life seem to be getting chipped slowly or suddenly away.


Maybe you've retired and never really found the same kind of meaning and fulfillment you did in your career. Your days feel emptier than you thought they would.


Maybe you're social circles have changed. You or your friends just aren't able to do the same things you used to enjoy doing together.


Maybe some of your loved ones have died and you can't or don't want to find new relationships. After all, doesn't that just mean you'll have more people to lose?

Aging involves a lot of changes and challenges. Sometimes our lives don't look the way we thought they would at this point. There can be a lot of fear and uncertainty about what will happen to us as we get older.

I can help you face these changes and challenges  

We can work together to adjust expectations and help you to live your life to its fullest. Things don't always turn out the way we thought they would, but reality can sometimes surprise us with the joy and purpose it can bring.

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