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Therapy for Coping with Illness or Disability

Helping you find a fulfilling "new normal"

Illness and disability therapy & counselling may be helpful if you...

  • Are not sure how to manage new limits to your independence due to an illness or accident.

  • Feel like you've lost part of yourself since being diagnosed or disabled.

  • Want to find a different way of looking at your life and circumstances. 

  • Tried seeking support for living with your health issues but feel it hasn't been very helpful. 

Adjusting to new limits isn't easy for anyone. Read on to see if my illness and disability therapy services might help you.

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One day your life is "normal," full of stress and events and things to do. Then over the course of weeks or days or minutes something changes with your health and suddenly you can't live the way you once did.


Maybe this has meant making small changes all the time and it's causing you to feel as though control over you life is slipping away.


Maybe it's meant drastic changes and you're wondering how you can enjoy your life now that things are so different. It can feel like the old you has died. How do you grieve your old life and move forward with purpose?

Accepting new limitations is important. But it's just as important to continue seeing the opportunities you have before you. They may not be the same ones you had hoped to have before your health changed, but they are there and they are real.

I can help you navigate these challenges

We can work together to create a life you find meaningful and one that is full of connection. It may not be the life you imagined, but it's your life and it's not over yet.

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