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Caregiver Burnout Therapy

Support, compassion, and practical help for the helpers

Caregiver support therapy & counselling may be helpful for you if...

  • Taking care of someone has left you feeling empty, tired, and alone.

  • The work you do caring for others is no longer something you enjoy. You have to force yourself to go to work everyday. Maybe you're even looking at switching careers.

  • In taking care of others, you feel like you've lost yourself. You don't know who you are anymore.

  • You haven't had anyone to talk to or help shoulder your burdens in a long time.

Caregiving can be incredibly difficult and isolating. Read on to see if my caregiving support therapy & counselling services might help you.

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Zoning out during conversations. Making another cup of coffee to try and stay awake. Mind constantly filled with the things your person needs: medications to take, healthcare appointments, caretaker schedules, and daily hygiene. Your mind is full but you feel empty. 

Or maybe it's your job to be a caregiver and you feel burned out. You got into this work to help others but you don't feel like you're able to help enough, or at all. Definitely not enough to feel like what you're doing really matters.


Maybe you really love the person you're taking care of, and that makes it harder because you feel like you're letting them down if you need a break.

Or maybe you feel yourself starting to resent the person you're taking care of. It's so much work and they don't appreciate it. Don't they understand how much you're giving and giving up to take care of them?

Finding support when you're a caregiver is crucial. Finding ways to take care of yourself while taking care of others is essential. If you're feeling burned out as a caregiver, there are ways to cope and find meaningful support.

I can help you find the balance between caring for yourself and caring for others.

We can work together to find a way to support you and those you are taking care of. Being a caregiver is one of the most important roles we can take on, but no one should have to do it alone.

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