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Therapy for Grief, Loss, & Life Changes

Support for managing the grief of loss and change

Grief, loss, and life changes therapy & counselling may be helpful for you if...

  • You have lost someone important to you. Maybe this was a death, a divorce, or another type of relationship ending. Now you're struggling with your grief.

  • You've lost your job or had another change in your circumstances that's left you wondering what to do next. 

  • It seems like everyone expects you to just "get over" your loss and you're not sure where to find support.

Grief from loss or change is something we all experience. Read on to see if my grief and bereavement therapy & counselling services might help you.

Person standing slumped in doorway

Things have been so much harder since you lost them. People keep telling you that "time heals all wounds" but no matter how much time goes by, you struggle to make sense of this hole in your life. 


Maybe someone died. A partner. A parent. A child. A friend. A pet. 


Maybe a relationship or job ended and it feels like someone died; all the hopes and plans you had for the future...gone.


You've tried talking about it but no one seems to understand why you can't "move on." Sometimes the loss hits you out of nowhere and it feels as raw and painful as when it first happened. 

Everyone experiences loss and grief differently. Our culture often encourages us to not show our grief. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about loss. Grief will always be with us, but that doesn't mean it has to run our lives. 

I can help you find healthy ways to carry your grief

We can work together to acknowledge your loss and find a way forward. It's often difficult to image a new future when our lives are so changed. Let me help you figure out what yours can look like.

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