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Therapy for Religious & Spiritual Struggles

Overcoming obstacles on your spiritual journey

Therapy & counselling for religious and spiritual struggles may be helpful for you if...

  • You feel disconnected from your faith or spiritual tradition and are trying to understand why.

  • There have been difficult or uncomfortable experiences that are making you question your faith.

  • You're not sure what type of religion or spirituality you would like to make a part of your life, if any.

  • ​You're not sure who to talk to about your doubts, concerns, or experiences. You want space to figure it out without feeling judged by certain people or groups.

Our spiritual and religious beliefs are deeply personal and often difficult to discuss.  Read on to see if my religious and spiritual therapy services might help you.

You're sitting in your seat at service, looking around at all your fellow worshippers. Do I really believe what they believe? Should I even be here if I'm having these thoughts?


Maybe you've been having doubts for a while about your religious beliefs. You're not sure where to go or who to talk to to try and figure it out. You're worried that if you told your community you didn't believe anymore, it would mean the end of your relationships with them, too.

Or maybe you had a terrible experience. You were shamed or made to feel less than because of something you thought, said, or did, and now it feels like you just can't move past it with your faith community. Maybe you even experienced trauma or abuse.


It could be that you don't have any religious or spiritual connection and you'd like one. How do you figure out what beliefs, values, and practices are important to you?


Maybe you just need a space to ask questions. What do I believe? Why do I believe it? What do my spiritual beliefs mean about who I am? About how I live my life?

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Spirituality and religion can lend great depth and meaning to our lives. But it can also cause suffering if we feel confused, disconnected, or have been hurt by faith or spiritual traditions. Finding balance again with our inner lives is a worthwhile endeavor.

I can help you work through spiritual struggles in an understanding, non-judgmental space.

I can walk with you on your spiritual path, honoring and respecting your beliefs, while helping you navigate challenging questions or experiences. Let me provide a safe, supportive place for you to question and explore.

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