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Therapy for Cultural & Family Conflicts

Help with defining, communicating, and living your values

Therapy for cultural or family values struggles may be helpful for you if...

  • You're struggling with being true to yourself while juggling the expectations of your family or culture.

  • You're trying to figure out what your values are. You feel like they may not line up with the values you were raised with. 

  • It seems like every time you go to your family or community for support, they don't understand where you're coming from. It's their way or the highway and it's getting harder and harder to have a real relationship with them.

How can we agree to disagree when it comes to values? Read on to see if my cultural or family conflict therapy & counselling services might help you.

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Sigh. You've been dreading this. You know exactly what this visit is going to be like. Your family is going to ask about why you're not following their advice. They're going to criticize whatever decisions you have made. Maybe it would be better if you just didn't tell them about your life anymore...


Why haven't you settled down yet?

Why are you still with that person?

When are you going to have children?

Why aren't you being more responsible with your money?

Why won't you spend more time with us?


Maybe you used to be close with your family or community, but now it feels like there's a widening gap where acceptance and closeness used to be.


Maybe you've never had a close relationship with your family or culture and you'd like that to change. Or you'd like to at least understand why you've never felt connected in the way other people seem to. 

Being true to ourselves as we grow and change can be hard both on us, and also on those around us. The people who are closest to us may not understand why we've made changes or why we think differently about things than we once did.

I can help you find ways to communicate and navigate holding healthy boundaries with family, culture, and community

It can be difficult when there are conflicts of values in relationships. Let me help you figure out how to have a healthy relationship with those who are important to you and be true to yourself and your values.

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