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Caregiver Respite & Support

Time to focus on your needs

Being a caregiver is a difficult, demanding job. Often there are none, or almost no opportunities for caregivers to have some time for themselves.
Respite for caregivers is time I can spend with the person you are caring for so you can take time for yourself. Sometimes this means I get to talk, play games, watch TV, or go for a walk with your person. Sometimes it means I'm sitting in silence so they can rest, but know they are not alone.
This time will look different for every client:
  • Providing respite so caregivers can take care of themselves (appointments, meeting a friend, taking a bath, reading a book, anything!)
  • Providing respite so caregivers can run errands, go to appointments, etc.
Let me help you shoulder a bit of your caregiving weight. Book a call with me so we can see how I can best support you, so you can continue supporting the one you care for.
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