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Difficult Conversations

Help with saying the hard things that need to be said

Sometimes, you just don't know how to say it. A delicate subject needs to be discussed but there's a reason it's taken you so long to bring it's difficult, and you're worried things will get messy.
This is something that can happen with aging loved ones. There are concerns about safety ("You can't drive anymore!") or worries about who will make decisions if they become more ill or incapacitated ("You keep forgetting to pay your bills. Why don't you let me do it?"). But accepting the limits of aging and our eventual death are not always easy. Sometimes the difficult conversation may need to be had with other family or loved ones that may be having a hard time with what is going on ("What do you mean you're going to stop treatment? You're giving up!"). This is where I can help. 
I can step in and help start and mediate difficult conversations about:
  • Health and safety: hygiene concerns, ability to drive, no longer being able to live independently, etc.
  • Medical issues: advance care planning, do not resuscitate orders, differences of opinion with treatment options, etc.
  • Legal issues: managing account, paying bills, power of attorney, will and estate planning, etc.
  • Other unresolved tensions or conflicts
Let me help you navigate the difficult conversations that need to happen. Book a call with me so we can see how I can best support you and your loved ones say what needs to be said and come to decisions together.
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