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Grief Processing

Help for living with your loss 

We all experience grief, all the time. Anytime there is a change in our lives there is grief over what we had that is no more. Often the grief builds up over time, never finding a way to be released.
Losing our health, our independence, our future, or a loved one can bring us to a place with grief where we can no longer avoid it. We spend our time avoiding it; numbing ourselves with busyness or mindless activity.
I provide you with support to hold and face your grief:
  • Processing of grief, from bereavement or from any other loss or change
  • Recognizing the impact of your grief
  • Creating meaningful rituals as a tangible way to acknowledge and process your grief 
Let me help you face your grief and find healthy ways to carry it. Book a call with me so we can see how I can support you finding your way with grief.
Image by Martino Pietropoli
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