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Home or Family-Led Funerals

Honoring your loved one

Did you know you can care for your deceased loved one yourself? Depending on the circumstances of your loved one's death, you can care for your loved one's body and conduct visitations and funeral services in their home or another chosen space.
Home or family-led funerals are still the primary way many cultures around the world care for their dead. For the majority of North Americans though, this has not been the practice for the last one-hundred years or so. I educate families about the particulars of caring for their loved one's body at home and creating a personalized funeral service, if desired.
I help educate and can lead loved ones through:
  • Caring for the body of their deceased loved one
  • Creating a personalized funeral service or other ceremony/ritual
  • Finding other resources they may need at this time (help filing paperwork, services to transport a body, body disposition services, etc.)
Let me help you care for your loved one after their death. Book a call with me so we can see how I can best support you in honoring them.
Image by Zinko Hein
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