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Support & Companionship

Someone to be a listening ear & compassionate presence

Sometimes we may not have the support we would like from family and friends. Or we don't want to be a burden to those we feel are already having to manage too much. Maybe all anyone around you seems to be able to talk about is how sick you are and you'd just like to be around someone who won't ask how you're feeling.
Dying is not something you have to do alone. I provide support and companionship to the ill and dying and their caregivers. Being confronted with death can bring up a lot of emotions and thoughts we may not know how to talk about. My role can be to help you sort through those thoughts and emotions. But that might not be the support you need. Maybe you just want someone to come cook your favorite meal, and watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show. I can do that, too.
 I can provide support and companionship by:
  • Providing education about the dying process
  • Spending time with you or your loved one (reading out loud, playing a game, watching a movie, just sitting together, going for a walk, etc.)
  • Listening and offering a space to share thoughts and feelings without worrying about it affecting your loved ones
Let me help support you during this time in your life. Book a call with me so we can see how I might be able to help.
Image by Centre for Ageing Better
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