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What Can Therapy Help With?

Updated: Jun 12

Feeling down? Anxious? Struggling with something that changed in your life? Or just really dreading that next family dinner because you know you’re going to get in the same fights about the same things with the same people? Psychotherapy can help with many difficulties; from the seemingly-small to the too-hard-to-name.

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Psychotherapy can help with a wide-range of issues: depression, anxiety, grief and coping with change, trauma, emotional regulation, relationship difficulties…the list goes on. Therapy can sometimes be effective to help with these issues alone, but can also be used with other treatments, like medications.

Some people I’ve talked to think they can only start psychotherapy if they have a mental health diagnosis. This is not true. Sometimes having a mental health diagnosis may be necessary in order for insurance to cover a treatment, but anyone can seek out therapy to help with any issue they are having.

There are some who may have a different opinion about this, but I don't think there are any issues too small or too big to work on in psychotherapy. If there’s something bothering you enough that you are willing to seek out help dealing with it to improve your health, then therapy could be for you. Does that mean therapy is the only way to improve your situation? No. People find many different paths to help reach goals for living healthier lives. Therapy is just one thing that may help.

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I have often had clients who have a lot of insight about their struggles and just need a place to process what they are going through. It can be helpful to have someone you trust but don’t have any responsibility for outside of the psychotherapeutic relationship. The value of having a relationship where you can say or feel what you need or want to about the people and things going on in your life, without worrying how that will effect the person you’re talking to, can be a huge benefit.

Still Wondering What Therapy Can Help With?

Ultimately, if you’re wondering whether or not you may benefit from psychotherapy, I recommend talking with a psychotherapist about it. They should be able to give you guidance about the issues you are hoping to work on and whether or not they seem like things that could be helped by engaging in therapy.

If you'd like to have that conversation with me, please reach out to me here or book a free consultation below.


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