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What is Psychotherapy?

Updated: Jun 7

For this series of posts, I'm going to give some simple answers to the most common questions I hear about psychotherapy and counselling. (Feel free to ask a question you'd like answered in the comments below!)

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Whenever I tell people what I do, this is often one of the first questions I'm asked: What exactly is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is another way of saying “talk therapy.” This type of therapy is used to help people experiencing mental health or emotional issues. Generally, the goal of psychotherapy is to help people function in a healthier way and increase their overall well-being. Psychotherapy can be provided to individuals, couples, and families either individually or in groups.

One of the most important parts of psychotherapy is the relationship between the client and the psychotherapist. Clients should feel they are safe and can trust their psychotherapist. Clients should feel that their well-being is always the most important factor in their treatment.

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When you begin psychotherapy, your provider will have a conversation with you about the possible benefits and risks of participating in therapy. They will give you the opportunity to ask questions and to acknowledge that you understand this information; this is called informed consent.

You will also develop a plan together for your treatment based on the goals you would like to achieve in therapy. After that, every session you have with your psychotherapist will be aimed at working toward your goals using the plan you developed together until your goals have been achieved. This plan can be updated at any time depending on whether or not your goals may change.

For more information about psychotherapy in general:

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